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15' Saturn Whitewater Raft

15' Saturn Whitewater Raft

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The 15' Saturn Whitewater Raft will truly do it all, and do it well. It is currently the most commonly used whitewater raft for our outfitters and is also a favorite of our customers who want the valuable added storage capacity and passenger room for those multi-day or multi-week floats. The 6" thick drop-stitch floor is tops in the industry for rigidity and bouyancy. If you are looking for a gear boat it simply can't be beat.

15' Saturn Whitewater Raft is now commonly used on some of the largest rivers in the US along with some of the most remote sections in the Grand Canyon, Yukon, Salmon, Snake, Yampa and others. Most commonly setup for rowing it is the perfect size for epic week long floats for 2-3. This model was custom designed to meet the needs of our outfitters and customers looking for maximum stability and storage capacity.

The 15' Saturn Whitewater Raft is longer, wider, and has larger tubes than our 14’6" inflatable raft and yet is still a very manageable size for shooting tight rivers in low water. The increased capacity for storage and passengers makes it a great raft for those fortunate enough to get yearly opportunities for weeklong trips with family and friends. This raft is strong enough to stand up to all of the abuse guides and outfitters can dish-out.

Our new model whitewater rafts comes standard with a 70% thicker 1.5 mm thick floor (over 2.4 mm protection before any air chamber touching the water!), 3 removable thwarts, Leafield C7 valves placed on the top side of the tubes for better protection and ease of inflation, the fastest self-bailing system made, longer chafe strips on the straight section for greater durability, upgraded softer rubberized handles, angled D-rings for easier strapping of our frames. These upgrades were specifically designed for boaters who venture out to battle the toughest river conditions and the thicker floor gives the user the courage to take on the boniest water with the sharpest rocks. The long waterlines, extremely rigid self bailing drop-stitch air floor, large tube diameters and broad beams make this inflatable raft one of the most stable on the market today.

Package the 15' Saturn Whitewater Raft with one of our NRS Bighorn II Frames and you’ll have an absolutely perfect gearboat setup for leisurely drifting away from reality during your week long adventure on the Salmon, Colorado or Snake.

All NRS Frame and Gear packages will be discounted 10% AND FREE SHIPPING (excluding Oversize Surcharges) when added to any of our Saturn Rafts. You can easily build your own NRS frame package by selecting our "Attachment" link and downloading our customized frame building spreadsheet with pre-applied package discounts. Just fill it out per your custom needs and email it back to us at for processing. We will follow up with you to confirm all package details and pricing before placing the order.

Example NRS Frame Packages

15' Saturn Raft15' Saturn Raft15' Saturn Raft15' Saturn Raft15' Saturn Raft15' Saturn Raft15' Saturn Raft (2009 Version)15' Saturn Raft15' Saturn Raft15' Saturn Raft


"I have had my Saturn for three seasons and I LOVE it! Otherwise I would still be saving up for one of the other ones. If you get on the river you will see a ton of Saturns out there. If I have to go and buy a new one after 10 years I am completely fine with that - it costs 1400 freaking dollars!!! I have taken my 14 ft raft thru class four rapids and under - I have wrapped it on rocks, dragged it on rocks, I throw it on the roof rack every time I go rafting so I don't have to fully deflate and inflate, it has been dragged and pulled across gravel at the storage unit - It is seriously tuff! Thanks for the incredible value." -----Colorado Rafter

“Hey Cody, love the new raft. We’ve used it several times all with great results. Oh, by the way you may get some free press. We did a video with Leland Outfitters (who were impressed) and there is a great shot of us fishing on the Saturn. Will send it to you if it makes the final cut.” ----- Andrew

"Here's a seasoned vet Saturn Raft Review – Just got off the Middle Fork of the Salmon on Tuesday. We took a 15 foot Saturn Outfitter that we purchased from you this spring. The boat did a great job. It’s very stable, tracks wells through the maze of rocks at 2.15 on the MF and most noticeably the tubes stay very cool compared to most non-PVC boats. It can also care a ton of weight with the big tubes. We also took a 12 foot Saturn kayak down with us and it really did well. I will send some killer photo’s of the boats in action." ----- Thanks, Hhan Olsen

“First of all, we are LOVING our Saturn Raft. We just returned to WV from a weeklong trip on the Main Salmon and had a GREAT trip. In addition, we have both paddled and rowed our Saturn Raft on the New River and the Gauley River in WV. We have talked it up, shown it off, and helped sell two others here in WV. Note that Bridget and I are not just "any old" river rats. Bridget is currently president of the West Virginia Wildwater Association (and I was the previous president). We are well known in the WV paddling community and our endorsement says A LOT!” –---- Tom Connelly

“Hey Saturn! How has your summer been? I can tell you for a fact, it hasn’t been as much fun as my summer! We were on Desolation Canyon/Gray for a week, went up to the Snake and played on the Grand Canyon section 2 times. Then we have been camping about every other weekend. It has been a busy summer and I am not ready for it to end. Give me a couple of weeks and I will try to round up pics from everybody. P.S. Oh yea, Love the raft and I have told a few people to check out your page.”-----Todd

“Yesterday got out and fished again on the Wynoochee River with a couple friends and we landed a couple nice steelhead. I attached a pic of the fish with raft in the background. During the float and at the take out I had several drift boat owners/fisherman interested in the raft and asking questions. The last couple outtings this has been the case. Just curious if you have any business cards/pamphlets you would want me to hand out. Many of the guys said they’d be looking at the website soon.” – John Sunich

Hey Saturn, things are going good, a little slow river is frozen so I have been on the Olympic Peninsula for the past 3 weeks, bought another Saturn from a guide and I’m happy with the way I finally got them set up. I put the raft through some stuff the average guy would run from, handled good, had a lot a comments about the floor, feel free to use me as a reference anytime you want, I am completely satisfied and like I said a long time ago the customer service is the most important fact, which in your guys case was the best...-----SOMERS OUTDOORS

"Hey Cody, the fishing has been pretty good. Have landed some nice steelhead over the past few months and lots of salmon too. I attached a few more photos from June-January on various trips Ive taken with the raft. (Not all of these have show the raft or show much of it but the fish were landed while fishing from the raft) I will work on getting some more good shots of the raft over the next few months too." -John

15' Saturn Raft - Fishing Guide

Raft Specification

Air Chambers:
4 Exterior Tubes / 3 Thwarts / 1 Dropstitch Floor
Carrying Handles:
Center-to-Center Tube Width:
Extra PVC on Top Tubes:
88" x 10"
Interior Width:
Nylon Carrying Bag:
Included Standard
Nylon Foot Straps:
Included Standard
Not Included (Carlisle Paddles in Stock)
Passenger Capacity:
Removable Thwarts:
3 (Pin System)
Rubber Strake Protection:
Included Standard
Self Bailing Floor:
Air Deck Floor (8psi) with 12 mm dia. bailing holes. Outfitter Floor Upgrade Rates to Over 10 PSI.
Top Tangent Length:
Tube Diameter:
Leafield C7
3-Year Now Included (New for 2017)
Weight (Raft):
156 lbs
7' 0"

Frame Package Builder (2019_Saturn_Raft_with_NRS_Frame_Package_-_General.xlsx, 45 Kb) [Download]

I could not figure out how to post pics on my adventures with a 15' Saturn raft over the last 2 years, so figured I'd send it here? From June 13-16, 2019 me a and a team of 6 people did Browns Canyon in Colorado at some of the highest ever recorded levels with our Saturn raft (FireBall). Here are a few pics of us hammering down through Zoom Flume at 4,200 CFS. The river was raging and was super intense but our Saturn held up flawlessly to everything we threw at it for multiple trips throughout the FIBArk event weekend! When going through Seidel Suckhole we had the raft almost vertical hitting a wave approx. 12-14' tall and plowed right through it. On the last day of boating we hit our line at Twin Falls a bit wrong, got high-sided against a huge boulder and "almost" flipped but the boat took it like a CHAMP, no damage!!! To say the least we have been extremely satisfied with our Saturn raft and would buy another one without hesitation. I have had MANY people ask questions about our Saturn raft and they almost ALL comment how sturdy and high quality it is...especially for the price! We also won the Raft Rodeo event for FIBArk in Salida Colorado 2019 with a team of 5, World Champ's baby!!! Epic, weekend at FIBArk and thanks to Saturn you helped create these memories!!!
Just sent you an email with a couple of highlight pics from the first trip down Hell's Canyon... Its been down twice now and has been rock solid the whole time.
Here are 6 pictures from a series taken going through Hospital Bar on the South Fork of the American River in California. Even though the boat completely filled with water, it totally drained within seconds of emerging from the hole. Impressive!
My Saturn has worked great, very durable and handles well on the water whether loaded down for a multi-day trip or with the fishing frame for steelhead trips.
Here's a seasoned vet Saturn Raft Review – Just got off the Middle Fork of the Salmon on Tuesday. We took a 15 foot Saturn Outfitter that we purchased from you this spring. The boat did a great job. It’s very stable, tracks wells through the maze of rocks at 2.15 on the MF and most noticeably the tubes stay very cool compared to most non-PVC boats. It can also care a ton of weight with the big tubes. We also took a 12 foot Saturn kayak down with us and it really did well. I will send some killer photo’s of the boats in action.
Hi guys! I got my raft all set up & floated it down the Gunnison river this last weekend. OMG! I love the setup we put together! It was very comfortable to row & handled very well! I am very happy with my new Saturn raft. Thanks again!
I was a raft guide in Montana, Utah and Alaska and then rowed a boat for the Park Service in Dinosaur National Monument. Now I’m a private boater. I’ve always wanted to own my own raft, but the upfront costs were absolutely staggering. A few years ago some friends bought Saturns and were really happy with them. I waited for a few seasons to see how they held up, and finally made the decision to pull the trigger last year after hearing and seeing great reviews from my friends. I’ve now referred my best friend and he bought a Saturn last summer as well.

I now live in Oakland California of all places, and have discovered a tremendous amount of great boating in California. I have a few photos I just emailed over from my adventures.

The “Middle Fork Shot” - This is Tunnel Chute Rapid (Class IV) on the Middle Fork of the American River in California. Get in, get down and hold on!. I had absolute confidence in the boat, my crew and my line.

The shot titled “First trip on Raft, South Fork American” was taken on our maiden voyage on the South Fork of the American in California. I was so proud of my new boat and was excited for the years ahead of private rafting to come.

The other 2 photos were taken on Middle Fork of the Eel River in Coastal Range of California. This river only runs during the rainy season and we were the first boat down this year in February. It was an epic trip. 53 miles, 3 days, 2 nights and we didn’t see a single other person on the river. We camped on beaches and had an awesome time reading and running tons of big, bouncy class III with consequences.

The photo with the fish, the boat with the fly-fishing frame and the boat on the back of the truck were taken when we went Steelhead fishing on the Lower Sacramento River. The rafting was better than the fishing, but at least I caught one fish. Thanks for the great product!
My Saturn raft can carry a ton of gear on the river, but it is even more fun when the people bring the party on the boat! I am very pleased with the performance of my raft since I bought it a couple of years ago. It has carried me on the Salmon, the Payette, and the Snake through Hells Canyon.
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