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MARS Inflatable Boats

Mars Inflatable Boats by Saturn.

Quality Inflatable Boats At Rock Bottom Budget Prices.

Mars Inflatable Boats

Mars Inflatable Boats are manufactured by the same factory as Saturn Boats. However, in order to keep prices lower, we offer these boats with plywood floors and budget priced accessories instead of more expensive aluminum floors, air floors and commercial grade accessories. Similar to the Saturn budget line, there is no additional extra protection layer on the bottom of exterior tube chambers. These are all great upgrades but many of our customers are just looking for a cheap alternative to hit the water and they want to upgrade from the lowcost options sold in WalMart and other stores which only last 1 season. If you're looking to upgrade quality, and you don't need the commercial grade features, you should certainly consider the MARS inflatable boat product line or our Budget Boat project line. 

Mars Inflatable Boats have a 2 year warranty. Made with quality materials and the same construction technology, Mars Inflatable Boats represent quality and durability at prices anyone can afford. Why spend many hundreds or even thousands of dollars on boat, when you can have Mars Inflatable Boat at fraction of the cost? If you want an entry level inflatable just found it.

Mars Inflatable Boats need to be stored in well ventilated shaded areas when not in use. The PVC construction materials can be damaged by UV rays, heat, and humidity. Those 3 items make a bad combination for even the highest quality inflatable boats. If you are going to use the MARS inflatable boats in a Tropical climate like Central or South America, or Caribbeans, you'll want to protect it from those elements when not in use. You may also consider our newest Hypalon rubber models (coming soon!) in that scenario. You can't just leave a PVC boat sitting in the water year around, under sunlight of South Florida for example, or you will cut the life expectancy substantially. We highly recommend protecting the MARS Inflatable Boats with a UV protectant available in your local Marne store and on-line (303 protectant is the most common brand) or with boat cover. 

MARS Inflatable Boat


PSM260 5.02' 2.29' 5.9' 16"
PSM290 5.02' 2.29' 6.89' 16"
PSM330 5.02' 2.29' 8.2' 16"
PSM365 5.58' 2.62' 9.09' 17"

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