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HH-66 Vinyl Cement

HH-66 Vinyl Cement

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HH-66 Vinyl Cement is a superior quality, fast-drying adhesive that remains flexible and isn't affected by weather and temperature extremes. It's an excellent adhesive for patching, sealing and repairing your PVC- or urethane-coated boat material.

  • Most of our customers will be interested in repairing PVC and urethane inflatables but the manufacturer says it can also be used on vinyl foams and films, rigid plastics, synthetic fabrics, wood, leather, and metals.
  • With a cured temperature range of -30° F to 180 ° F, this adhesive performs well in all ambient conditions.
  • Dries clear, stays flexible and is waterproof.
  • Brush applicator in lid makes it easy to spread cement evenly. 4 ounce can covers approximately 4 square feet of patch area with one thin coat.
  • Highly resistant to oil, fuel, grease, and numerous other chemicals.
  • Shelf Life: 18+ months