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Budget Boats by Saturn

Saturn offers new line of budget priced inflatable boats.

14' Budget Boat by Saturn


If you don't need all of the bells and whisltes of our commercial grade Saturn Inflatable Boats, the Budget Boat line may be the perfect fit. We produced a series of low cost models that work great for about half of our customer base.  Don’t wanna deal with hassle of marina or boat trailer? Then Saturn line of budget inflatable boats is for you!

While maintaining high standards for quality products, we managed to reduce pricing by replacing higher priced air floors with aluminum floor and removing double layers of PVC fabric on a tube bottoms.

Question: What makes Budget Boats product line different than other Saturn Boats?

Short Answer: Technical Dimensions, PVC Material, Aluminum Sectional Floor, and Non-Commercial Grade Features

Answer: Saturn budget boats varies in length, but not width. It's a consistent design using the most popular inflatable boat specifications (18" tube diameters, 5.5' outside width, 3 exterior tube chambers) regardless of the boat length. Our regular Saturn Boats are designed in different lengths and widths to better accommodate those looking for greater stability and capacity as the length increases. In the Budget line we also replaced our expensive 8 psi rated high pressure air deck floors with a sectional aluminum floor. The aluminum floors in the shorter lengths cost much less to produce which helped lower our pricepoint for this entry level product line.

The aluminum floors are more rigid (and are impossible to puncture) but are less portable as it takes more time and effort to assemble. The Budget Boat line also does not include the extra thick 2nd layer of PVC which covers the bottom of the tubes, which comes standard in our commercial grade Saturn Inflatable Boats product line. The additional second layer of PVC is not needed in applications where the boat won't be dragged over sharp rocks or concrete surfaces. 

The PVC base fabric used in the Budget Boat line of inflatable boats comes from our Chinese supplier vs. the South Korean PVC used in manufacturing of our non-budget line of inflatable boats. The Chinese PVC does cost significantly less than Korean PVC, but our test results appear very similar. Chinese PVC we use in Budget Boat line is a premium quality 1100 Denier 5-Layer System, based on our testing does not reduce the boat performance, durability or functionality in any way.