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Aluminum Launching Wheels

Aluminum Launching Wheels

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Aluminum Launching Wheels

The Aluminum Launch Wheels were designed for one man to easily be able to launch any Saturn raft with a transom. The wheels are held in place by heavy-duty marine grade anodized aluminum.  The wheels themselves are 12" heavy-duty, all-terrain wheels that are 3" in width. 

The launching wheels swivel up and lock in position when not in use and can be easily detached by simply removing the lock pins(see images).


  • Recommended max. weight: 300 lb.(136 kg)
  • Max tire pressure: 14 PSI
  • Tire Size: 12" x 3"
  • Shipping weight: 14 lb. 8 oz
  • Replacement tubes model: 410-350-6 TR87 

CAUTION : The launching wheels are not designed to be towed behind a vehicle; if towed damage may occur and the warranty will be void.