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18' Saturn Inflatable Boat

18' Saturn Inflatable Boat

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The new 2021 model with our "Triton" series improvements (optional) are finally in stock. The Triton Series upgrades represent over $500 additional value and include; upgraded PVC construction ($75 value), heat-welded seam technology ($150 value), C7 style inflation valves ($80 value), 2 additional exterior tube air chambers for added safety ($100 value), and an extended 3-year warranty ($100 value). The boat technical specifications are nearly identical between the Triton model (TR) and our standard version (XHD or SD). These Triton series improvements incorporate the newest technologies in inflatable boat construction and provide an incredible value for those looking to put their boat to the test. If available, this option will be listed under the "Model" selection.

The all new 18' Saturn Triton Series Inflatable Boat (TR518) is our largest vessel and was designed for rugged commercial and private use including commercial fishing/crabbing, fire department and coastguard activities, and military operations. The heavy-duty design includes three exterior air chambers, extra buoyant 20" diameter exterior tubes, thick rub strake material, a reinforced yet lightweight aluminum 6-piece floor, and increased passenger/gear capacity (it can accommodate up to 10 passengers!)

Deflated, the TR518 boat can be stored much more easily that any RIB or rigid floor product. The tubes, transom, and bottom floor covering will fold together to store in a wardrobe sized nylon bag and the floor can be easily broken down and stored separately into the included zippered bag.

Extra thick multiple PVC/fabric layers reinforce the bottom of the tubes and a rub-strake protector along the keel provides extra protection from sharp rocks and debris. The pressure relief valve in the exterior tubes will prevent excessive air pressure. The exterior rope and multiple d-rings allow for all types of add-on components including sun shade bimini tops, rescue features, storage bags, etc

  2016 Model 18' Saturn Dinghy

The 18' Saturn Inflatable SD518 boats come equipped with with a sectional heavy-duty aluminum floor for maximum rigidity and minimal weight. The bow section is made of a marine grade plywood floor covered with a gray resin.

 18' SATURN INFLATABLE BOAT FEATURES:New Triton Series - Sectional Aluminum Floor

  • All around rope grab line.
  • Pressure relief/safety valve.
  • Multi-chamber exterior tubes.
  • Multiple one-way drain valves.
  • Exterior heavy-duty rubber strake.
  • Stainless steel D-rings for easy towing.
  • Reliable flat air valves with pushpin design.
  • Front bow D-ring with integral lifting handle.
  • Spare rope for attaching anchor is included.
  • Double layer of fabric at the bottom of tubes.
  • Holds up to 10 persons maximum or 6 comfortably.
  • Deep inflatable V-keel with a rub strake protector.
  • Heavy-duty marine grade aluminum floor included.
  • Extra thick heavy-duty marine grade plywood transom.
  • Lightweight and strong removable aluminum seat benches.
  • Equipment: repair kit, 3 seat benches and tube/floor carrying bags.
  • Free, complimentary generic high-volume hand pump is included.
  • Call us for additional customized add-on accessories at (800) 217-3270.

The bimini top sun shade shown in photos is not included but can be purchased separately.

Boat Specification

Air Chambers:
5 Exterior Tubes and 1 Keel
Carrying Handles:
5-Piece Sectional Aluminum
Inside Width:
Max Capacity:
2500 lbs
Max Outboard Motor:
50 HP (15" shaft/175 lbs)
Nylon Carrying Bag:
Included for Both Boat and Floor
Overall Width:
Packing Size:
59" x 29" x 14" and 48" x 28" x 6"
2 Included (Aluminum)
Passenger Capacity:
Rubber Strake Protection:
Included Standard
Total Weight (Incl. Floor):
270 lbs
Tube Diameter:
Upgraded C7 Style
2-Year (3-Year with Triton)
Weight (Floor):
120 lbs
Speed (Approx.):
30 mph (40 HP w/2 Adults)
Stainless Steel D-Rings:
Included Standard

Floor Installation (Sectional_Floor_Installation_Manual.pdf, 708 Kb) [Download]

purchased this 18 foot boat 4 years ago started off with 15hp worked fine but now have 30 hp love this boat use it more than my 32 ft offshore boat
now ive added a 10 foot and a 13 foot to my saturn collection
Bought the 18ft boat 4 years ago. Put a 20hp Honda with hydro foil on it and have been using it in the San Juan’s Islands Washington as the primary boat. Have hauled building supplies, people, garbage, crabbing and fishing in it. It gets used as a pickup. Zero issues and will by another one if I ever wear this one out.
Enormous inflatable! I was able to get 5 grown men on my boat with fishing gear. If you are planning to take a lot of people out on this boat, you should at least have a 20HP engine. The 18ft only comes in dark gray. My friend also bought one after he saw mine.
I wanted a big boat that wouldn't break the bank. I purchased the SD518 to take my friends out in the water. We are usually four, so we have a lot of room to spare for supplies. Since this is such a large boat I keep it under a boat cover to protect form the sun. Overall it's a good boat that has not given me any problems.
I’m a scuba diving instructor who owns my own business. I do pretty decent, as I’ve been in the business for a long time and get lots of referrals. I really love owning the company, but I’m a small business, so I need to keep expenses to a minimum. As you could probably guess, the boat I take people out on is really my biggest expense. We all know how expensive upkeep on boats can be, but for me, I can’t just get rid of mine. I need it for my work.

Long story short, a scuba buddy of mine told me I should consider an inflatable boat from you guys. I checked out your site, and ended up taking the plunge and buying the SD518. At 18 feet long and pretty wide, this thing can handle all the gear for me and my students. It’s light, so it saves on fuel, which is another one of my main expenses. It’s also very tough. At first, I was scared I’d pop it, so I would be very careful setting down my equipment inside it. Now, I just toss the gear in like I would on my old boat. Honestly, I can’t really even think of anything I can’t do with this boat that I could do with my old boat.
The Saturn SD518 is a beast! This 18 foot inflatable monster is really incredible. My buddy and I split the cost, and now we take our two families out on this thing together almost every weekend. Our kids are friends, and our wives are close, so it gives everyone an excuse to get together. Plus, my buddy and I don’t mind the fishing we get to do.

This rubber boat is so big, we can fit both our families, all our fishing gear, and plenty of food and drink. Even some adult beverages! It all fits right in the bed of my truck, so it’s easy to get to and from the water. And between the two of us, carrying it down to the shore isn’t any problem at all. Next I think I’m get a smaller inflatable boat from you guys for those times when I can get a day by myself. Not that that happens too often nowadays.
The Saturn SD518 inflatable boat you guys sell is really worth the price. I paid like $1,700 for it including shipping. Once I used it a few times, I knew it could meet all my needs, so I sold my old Mako Sportsfisherman for like $8k. I also save a ton monthly on storage and cleaning because my Saturn fits right in my garage without taking up any space.

I owned boats my whole life, and I never even really thought about buying an inflatable boat. My neighbor had one, and I was laughing about it. He took me out fishing on it one day, and it blew my mind. The experience is basically the same as a hard-hull boat if you just want to go out cruising or fishing. It’s comfortable, handles well, and is so easy to store and clean.

16 feet is plenty long for me and my whole family. I use the aluminum floor it came with, and the thing is sturdy. But it’s also very light, so the little outboard I stuck on it gives it plenty of juice, even with my whole 5 person family riding in it.
When I got my boat, one of the floor boards was cracked due to The carrier throwing the box around. Boatstogo was able to send me a new floor without any issues. Once I was able to put everything together I was able to enjoy this boat. Its big, and has a lot of room. I just put on a 25HP and its enough for me. Great boat, better customer service.
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