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13' Saturn Fishing Kayak

13' Saturn Fishing Kayak

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13' Saturn Fishing Kayak FK396X

Our 13' Saturn Fishing Kayak is easy to carry by a single person, inflates/deflates in under 5 minutes, stores in the included carrying bag with rough dimensions of 45"x28"x12", and is the most versatile inflatable fishing kayak on the market today. The new "X" version from our standard FK396 includes extra thicker black PVC bottom skin layer (over 70% thicker) which covers the full bottom surface of the kayak and adds a second layer to protect the exterior tube chambers. This upgraded version also includes the upgraded C7 style inflation valves which assures durability along with a maximum pressure rating in all chambers. These upgrades provide piece of mind knowing you have the highest quality / value ratio on the inflatable kayak market. This kayak is an absolute must for any RVer or camper where a fishing craft with maximum portability is critical.

This kayak is made of the same heavy-duty 1100 Dtex PVC (double thickness on the bottom surface area) as our other Saturn inflatable boats and the drop-stitch high-pressure airdeck floor is the most rigid inflatable floor on the inflatable kayak market. The floor is made to support up to 3 adults (even though that would be a tight squeeze). The double layer of PVC fabric on the bottom is applied to the air floor and bottom of the tubes. There is also an extra layer in between the aluminum bench seats. Our rigid high buoyancy tubes and customized floor make the Saturn FK396X kayak so stable, that you can stand up and fish if needed (see the photos of our customers doing just that). FK396X model upgrades include our high-end C7 style valves ($60 value) and a 1.5mm bottom PVC floor covering ($200 value - over 70% thicker).

13' Saturn Fishing Kayak (FK396 - Does Not Show the FK396X Upgrades)

The 13' Saturn Fishing Kayak comes with 2 removable aluminum benches that can be used for mounting various hardware, such as rod holders, GPS units, video cameras, dive flags, anchor mounts, and even a fish finder. Check our our customer photos and videos showing many of their innovative ideas!

What makes this kayak so unique, is the multitude of ways it can be used. You can sit directly on the aluminum benches to paddle using kayak paddles or you can remove the seats and install our custom high-back kayak seats for full back support.

It is also possible to replace the rear aluminum bench with a longer version and add a vertical plate for an optional electric motor.

The Saturn FK396X fishing inflatable kayak is a breeze to paddle due to its narrow profile, high buoyancy exterior tubes, and rigid drop stitch floor.

Please note that this kayak is not a self-bailer. It was designed for lakes, ponds, flatwater rivers, oceans and bays. If you are looking for a self-bailing kayak, no need to look any further than our 13' Saturn Whitewater Kayak. If you want this specific model and absolutely need it to be a self-bailing unit you can cut out 4-6 self bailing holes in the kayak bottom to let excess water escape. However, that option may allow water to entire above the kayak floor depending on the weight capacity and is really not advised because the repair time if you are unsatisfied is lengthy.

2020 13' Saturn Fishing Kayak

General Specifications

  • Heavy duty 1,100 Dtex High Strength PVC fabric coated on both side with 1100 g/m2, 0.9mm. Fabric is thick, puncture and abrasion resistant. 1.5mm PVC bottom floor covering (over 70% thicker - ONLY AVAILABLE IN FK396X MODEL)
  • Two Velcro straps on both tubes to secure oars when not in use.
  • High-pressure air deck floor with double layer of PVC fabric in a middle.
  • Two removable aluminum platform seats, also for gear and oar holders.
  • Double layer of PVC fabric on top of tubes in a cockpit area.
  • One large removable fin at the bottom for directional stability.
  • Storage space in front and rear under splash guards.
  • 8 heavy-duty D-rings for optional kayak seats.
  • Hugging rope with handles in front and back.
  • Upgraded inflation air valves ($60 value)
  • Accessories: 2 aluminum seats, repair kit and carry bag.
  • Complimentary Top-Off Hand Pump and Double-sided Kayak Paddle included.
  • Kayaks seats are optional, and easy to add. Call us at (800)217-3270 or visit our accessories section.

Kayak Specification

Air Chambers:
2 Exterior Tubes and 1 Inflatable Rigid Floor
Interior Width:
Kayak Weight:
45 lbs
Overall Length:
Overall Width:
3' 2"
Persons Capacity:
2 adults
Tube Diameter:
Weight Capacity:
700 lbs
The FK396 Inflatable Fishing Kayak is awesome. I owned a 19ft center console boat in the past and I can genuinely say that I enjoy this kayak much than that boat. I primarily use it for fishing and sometimes just booze cruise with my wife. I can even fish comfortably with my wife in the little kayak with me! Which I think is pretty awesome for a 13ft inflatable. From the garage to the water and back this thing fits the bill for me.

Storage is always an issue for any watercraft. I like this kayak because it is rigid enough to be rigged to a pulley system that only requires attachment points on the front and back of the kayak. This would probably be possible with any kind hard plastic kayak this size but I am impressed with it being this easy with an inflatable loaded down with my gear.

Transport and launching is another problem that must be tackled before being able to enjoy a watercraft. I find that these issues are minimized with this kayak. I own a short bed truck and do not require a trailer for this ‘yak. I just slide it in diagonally and put a couple straps on either side to secure it before going to the water. Launching the kayak is great because I can put in where others can’t. In a motorboat you need a ramp. With this guy I can put in basically anywhere where I can walk to the water. I use the TMS Kayak Dolly off Amazon to support one end while I walk the other end. It works quite well.

Being on the water is the best part. I have come up with a setup that I love for fishing and exploring (boozing) with or without another passenger. I am on a swivel chair sitting up high in the back of the boat while the other passenger sits at water level at the front of the boat. This allows me to work the trolling motor and fish over the top of the front passenger. I mount the swivel chair with a basic swivel from Walmart and two additional aluminum cross bars as described on BoatsToGo. I highly recommend the Millenium Marine B100. I am comfortable for 6+ hours on it. The trolling motor is a Minn Kota Endura from Walmart and is rigged on a piece of plywood that was cut to the width of, and ratchet strapped onto the aluminum cross bar that comes on the boat. This piece of plywood has a vertical piece of plywood to mount the motor to as well as four PVC joints screwed into it to use as rod holders. I spray painted to semi-match the kayak. I can hold four rods and have enough separation between the rods to troll two of them at a time. My trolling motor is a Minn Kota 30lb freshwater motor. I have a large lead acid deep cycle battery that that is contained within a Minn Kota Power Center. I place the Power Center directly behind the cross bar between the two rod holders. Weight balance isn’t a huge deal in this boat as it is so buoyant already. It doesn’t cause any issue that most of my gear is at the back of the boat. I just place the loose things up front. The battery runs all day no problem; I have yet to run it down past half way while motoring around at full throttle for hours a time. I anchor with an 8lb mushroom anchor which is just about right to hold the boat without drifting. I attached it with p-cord to the bow then run it through two carabineers that are spaced a few feet apart to allow me to easily control the length of line while the anchor is out and store the line without tangles while anchor is in.

I would still like to get a bimini top to keep the hot North Carolina sun off but other than that I am super happy with out setup. The trolling motor mounted to the side causes a not insignificant crab when tracking through the water but I have not thought of a good way to mount it on centerline while still being able to easily reach the steering arm. I guess I could pony up and buy the remote control one and mount it on the bow. This will probably be what I do if the Endura every craps out on me. It would make steering and trolling extremely easy I think. However, I don’t thing it’s a real big deal; we still make probably 5kts through the water and the ventral fin helps the kayak track straight. Without the fin installed the crab is really bad. I actually keep a half of the paddle that comes with the boat easily accessible in order to push off banks and help with steerage when accelerating from a stop.

The construction seems to be top notch. I owned a Sevylor Colorado 2 person fishing kayak before this and the difference is significant. The material on the Saturn is somewhere between the Sevylor and what you would find on a serious white water raft. I am not worried even a little bit about hooking it while fishing. This is a pretty big deal, for one it keeps me confidant that I’m not going to sink but also it means that it is quite rigid for an inflatable and allows the mounting of the trolling motor, my chair, and resting the super heavy lead acid battery on the bottom of the boat. I don’t know what the carrying capacity is supposed to be (I’m sure it says somewhere) but I put a lot of crap in there and I am pretty impressed with it. It remains very laterally stable even while I sit up in my chair and lean way over. This is pretty cool because the bottom of my chair is at the top of the gunnels. I don’t really worry about capsizing. It could definitely happen but I think I would have to be pretty well lubed up. The D-rings provided are useful and prove to be solid attach points. As mentioned earlier the ventral fin is a nice and necessary addition. You have to be careful not to rest the kayak on the fin though as it will definitely damage it and the bottom of the boat. I put my dolly on that end when transporting it to avoid that.
I enjoy this boat over larger motorboats because of its easy to store and transport, I don’t need a boat ramp, it puts me down close to the water, and I can access shallow waters. I enjoy it over other kayaks because I can use a trolling motor or paddle, I am sitting comfortable in an upright position, I have great lateral stability, I can go with or without my wife without feeling encumbered either way, and I can still carry as much stuff as I could possibly need. If I could figure a way to make my trolling motor center thrust it would be perfect for me.
Long time Saturn users here, having run the Expedition model on demanding low water, high desert river canyon expeditions, as well on rivers draining the western slope of the Cascades. The boats are bomber and well suited to our applications, which is typically running them as self-supported singles. The Fishing Kayak has a clever seating configuration that we used to our advantage on a recent lake project. We had a portable fish finder with us and effectively mounted the terminal on the front seat while sitting to the back. Running the Grand Ronde for steelhead we sat low to the floor on a kayak seat positioned more amidship through some bumpy water and it was solid. You’ve got options with this boat. As sturdy at core as the Expedition this bad boy has a second layer of fabric laid over the air floor and the tops of the tubes, for those inevitable moments when you mistake a boat for a fish. For our purposes these boats work great.
As a guide, I have owned and used many different inflatables for a variety of different fishing experiences: lakes, rivers, ocean flats for bonefish, etc. The Saturn 13 ft Pro kayak when properly outfitted with swivel seats, small anchor system and rod holders represents excellent value in an inflatable fishing craft, especially for the current prices available on the Internet. Excellent for lake and estuary fishing as well as using on gently flowing rivers (avoid Class II+ water). The 1100 denier pvc material (double layered in spots) makes the kayak quite rugged although don't drag it over rocks,etc. It's easy to transport and set up. The Saturn has a high pressure floor that allows the user to stand up and cast from a stable platform (which many inflatable rafts and boats don't offer). Suggest using an electric air pump with adjustable psi settings for ease and speed of inflation. Check out Boatsagogo on the internet for accessories such as a "DIY swivel seat" set up which works beautifully for the solo fisherman who want to paddle and fish from the center of the kayak.
The kayak is easy to blow up and once blown up lasted the entire week of vacation use. I used a pump for air mattresses to get most of the air in it and finished with the provided pump. It is very comfortable to fish from. I found the seat with the cushion that I purchased with the boat to be very comfortable. The boat was so stable that I even felt comfortable with an addition boat cushion under the seat to set me up a little higher. I was wondering if it would be difficult to paddle without some sort of foot bracing. I think sitting up a little higher because of the cushions under the seat made paddling comfortable even without foot bracing. In calm water my wife joined me to explore around an island. Sitting on the bench while paddling in calm water was very acceptable. Paddling in wind, the higher freeboard in an inflatable does make the wind more noticable than in an traditional kayak and an inflatable does not glide through the water quite as easily. With the skeg in though, 10 to 15 mile an hour winds were doable for me. \r\nWhen it comes to stability, the inflatable is much more stable than any fixed kayak I have ever used. Moving around in the Kayak is not a problem even in choppy water. For fishing comfort, an inflatable is better than a sit in or sit on top hard kayak. There was so much room in the kayak while I was fishing by myself that I found the velcro fasteners on the side for holding a paddle to not be necessary. I just stored the paddle in the kayak. I would have welcomed a handle somewhere on the middle of the kayak for picking it up. I would have also welcomed a bit more in the way of information on blowing up the kayak. Either materials with the boat or the pump should have that information. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase so far. After a week, I can't say about durability, but it looks and feels sturdy. I am looking forward to many more hours of fishing and would recommend the inflatable kayak for people who like to fish.
This is my second purchase and I'm extremely happy with my boat. I travel a lot and recently took it out on a lake in Mississippi and it worked beautiful. I have searched for other inflatables and nothing compares to the quality of these boats. I'm ready to add a kaboat next!!!
I own the pro angler Ocean Fishing Kayak which is the exact kayak only that it is self bailing. I have bought the kayak last spring and since then I have been on northern Michigan rivers and some of the lakes. I have paddled the kayak in 15miles and hour winds and the ultimate test has been level 4 rapids in West Virginia. This kayak is a WORK HORSE! The thick 1100 denier really up to the task and best price/quality I have gotten out of the market after 2 months of research. Easy storage since I own a PRIUS so I don't have to wory about crowding my car on vacations. The 2 directional fins that can be removed keep this baby straight as an arrow on the water and I can give my friend who owns a plastic sit on top kayak a good workout as we race at the same speed. I am not much of a fisher but the 2 platforms are very comfy to maneuver from. You can also attach sail to it and it is one of the next things I am going to do since I have seen some pretty cool demo videos on the subject. I am probably going to buy another one for all the things you can do with this kayak.
16 months ago I purchased three kayaks - 2 FK396 and 1 SK470. Soon thereafter they were put to use. My wife and I, several of our friends, and grandchildren have paddled the boats on the Great Lakes, inland lakes and rivers in Michigan, and the Intercoastal as well as rivers on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I know we have 150+ miles and many hours of paddling the boats with no problems and lots of fun times.

We transport the kayaks long distances deflated and in the zippered heavy duty storage bags which came with the boats. They fit easily in the box of my pickup truck with the kayak seats, life jackets. paddles and 110 and 12 volt air pumps included. At destination RV parks, we inflate the kayaks (mainly with the 110v pump) in about 15 minutes and carry them to the water or put the on a rack built for the pickup and drive short distances to launch sites. Generally we keep the boats inflated at our campsite for anywhere from 2 days to a month and use them frequently. When its time to travel again, deflation and packing the boats back into the bags takes about 30 minutes.

Occasionally we top off the air pressure in the boats with the provided hand pumps if they remain inflated for over a week, but generally the boats retain air pressure well unless there are wide swings in the outside air temperature. We get lots of questions about the boats from other kayakers. The main point that is always emphasized is how stable our boats are on the water compared with hardsided kayaks. No one who has paddled our boats has ever come close to tipping one of them over.

We look forward to many more years of adventure and fun using the boats. Thanks again for a great/durable product at a reasonable price.
Man, this is a very good and well built Kayak (canoe) inflatable. Paddles as well as expected for an inflatable boat. But much better than other Inflatables that I have tried. (Sevylor) Paddling with two people works good and does not seem to affect the stability. You would have to purposely try to capsize this kayak to do so. I have two other plastic Kayaks that just will not fit on or in a fifth wheel RV. Hence why I bought one. They paddle better,yes, but they don't travel as well. The pump works well also if you don't have an air compressor handy. It is very Stable. This is something I was hoping for and I wasn't disappointed.
This is just my Opinion. Take as you wish, with grain of salt or whatever. I'm happy with it!
You might be too.
I was hoping this would have been a little larger, but nonetheless...a great boat for the price! I am happy with the entire transaction, its speed, and how the boat was packaged. I'm not much of a fan of "assembly required" so the ease of construction definitely let me breathe a sigh of relief! Highly Recommended!
Just wanted to say Thanks! This thing is awesome! So much easier than when I had my boat. In the water in five minutes. I have fished every weekend since getting it back in August. Ordering and shipping were a breeze and customer service was a big help. Thanks again!
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