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12'6" Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft

12'6" Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft

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THE ALL NEW 2022 12'6" SATURN TRITON WHITEWATER RAFT IS HERE!New 2020 12'6" Saturn Triton Raft with our Custom NRS Frame Package

This has been our most popular raft since 2016 and our new 2022 version is made even better with the new Triton series upgrades ($600 value) including heat welded seams, reinforced carrying handles, multi-point detachable floor (see manufacturing photo below), 1.2mm 5-layer material dropstitch Outfitter floor (rated over 10 psi), beefed up 16" diameter tubes, added D-rings for custom framing, added Leafield A6 pressure relief valves, and moved the Leafield C7 valves to better accommodate our custom 3-seat NRS Fishing Frame Package. 

The reviews from our fishing guides (cool video loading up), customers (customer review), and outfitters for this product have been greater than any product we've prototyped before. It's an incredibly customized fishing machine and the new self-bailing floor makes it capable of running Class IV whitewater. There simply isn't anything like it and the custom features come at an incredible introductory value. We had three production orders last year and they each sold out before we were even able to inventory them, it's that POPULAR. We have never created a product that has generated so much buzz in the rafting/fishing community and we can't wait to see what the new 2022 model brings. There simply isn't a better combination fishing/whitewater machine on the market, regardless of price.

If you are looking for the smallest whitewater raft that with a self-bailing floor and capability to comfortably hold 3 adults, you've found the perfect product. The overall weight is under 85 lbs and the raft rolls up easily into a compact 42"x24"x16" (or 30"x24"x24") space. The 12'6" length, 56" width, 6" thick inflatable dropstitch Outfitter floor, 16" tube diameters, 4 exterior tube chambers, Leafield C7 inflation and PRV valves, and 1.5mm extra thick bottom floor covering (wraps 1/2 way up the side tubes for additional protection) are just a few of the customized features allowing this raft to do many things others cannot.

12'6" Saturn Soloquest Whitewater Raft - Alaska Fishing Guide

The 12'6" Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft was specifically designed for boaters who venture out to battle the toughest river conditions with the courage to take on new river sections, spring/fall water levels, and rocky shallow conditions. The long waterlines, extremely rigid self bailing drop-stitch air floor, large tube diameters and increased width provide added stability and comfort in tight conditions. It includes a floor which provides 70% more protection for the entire bottom surface of the raft. The engineered floor design provides over 2.4mm of protection where you need it. The 5-layer PVC floor provides a significantly stronger surface when slamming around in the rocky conditions. You can target those bows, cuts, browns and smallies without having to worry about avoiding all rock and debris.

The 12'6" Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft now comes standard with 2 removable thwarts, exterior D-rings, 4 carrying handles, chaffing protection on the top sides and rear of the exterior tubes, 1 repair kit, storage bag and our standard 3 year warranty.

2021 12'6" Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft (Green)

2021 12'6" Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft (Blue) with 3-Seat NRS Fishing Frame

Additional Product Components

2017 Version 12'6' Saturn Whitewater Raft - Custom 3 Seat NRS Fishing Frame

  • Heavy duty 1,100 Dtex High Strength PVC fabric coated on both side with 1100 g/m2, 0.9mm (1.2mm PVC used in the dropstitch floor and 1.5mm PVC used on the bottom of the raft).
  • Fabric is extra thick, puncture and abrasion resistant.
  • 6" thick Outfitter patented high-pressure air deck floor (rated over 10 psi!)
  • Towing/securing D-rings (front, back and sides).
  • Upgraded Leafield A6 PRV and C7 Air Inflation Valves (highest quality in the world)
  • Accessories: 1 repair kit and 1 storage bag.
  • Upgraded hand pump now included.
  • Raft length increased to 12'6"
  • Raft width increased to 56" (2" wider than prior model)
  • Exterior tube diameters increased to 16" (0.5" wider than prior model)
  • Inside width increased to 24" (1" wider than prior model)
  • Top tangent length with extra frame wear protection layer (90" x 4" wide)
  • Overall bow/stern kick of 23" (increased about 5" from prior model)
  • Weight - 90 lbs (approximately)
  • Inflatable Outfitter dropstitch floor is produced with 1.2mm PVC and also increased in total thickness to 6" (4" is installed on standard 12' Raft/Kayak)
  • Bottom protection 1.5mm thick black PVC stretched to cover full bottom surface area and half way up the exterior tubes for added protection where it's needed the most.
  • 5 Heavy-duty 2" D-rings installed for frame strapping (replaced 1" standard D-rings)
  • Additional soft rubber/nylon lifting handles addeIncluded Accessories for 2021 12'6" Saturn Triton Raft
  • Stainless steel lifting handle installed on the front of the raft for carrying and frame strapping
  • Top chafe / frame wear pad installed on top of both side tube and rear of the raft
  • Solid black rub strake added to protect side tubes and bottom PVC covering wrap
  • 4 (four) exterior air chambers installed for added safety
  • Designed specifically for frame packages and rowing option ( frame packages sold separately)
  • Interior thwarts that were originally removed, now included in 2022 version ($150 value)12' Saturn Raft/Kayaks Supporting a successful Alaska Moose Hunt! No better test for durability and performance.


This is a unique product that can cover all sorts of uses and many of our customers are looking for a very narrow raft option that can handle tightly constrained rivers as seen in the picture above on a successful moose hunt in Alaska (the pictures shows our older version standard 12' Saturn Raft/Kayak which is a similar product but without all of the upgrades shown above). Many of our customers have begun using it with a rowing frame and we have provided several custom NRS rowing frames to suite their needs. The most popular frame we have customized is a modified two (or 3) seat fishing frame which is shown in the pictures below on the prior model 12'6" Saturn Whitewater Raft. It's a truly awesome setup and with a package price (including Raft and Frame) just under $4,000 it's an incredible value.

A video of this frame setup was also submitted on YouTube and can be seen here. 

Components of the custom NRS rowing frame package in the video include:

  • (2) 88" Side Rails with LoPro's
  • (5) 39 3/8" Customized Cross Bars with LoPro's
    • You can remove 2 of these Cross Bars if you don't desire the drybox/cooler slot
  • (2) NRS Universal Seat Mounts (Front and Center Rowing Seats Shown)
  • (1) High-back Padded Swivel Seat (Front)
  • (1) Low-back Padded Drainhole Seat (Center)
  • (1) NRS Frame Stern Mount with Highback Drainhole Seat (Small Size - 32")
  • (1) Pair of NRS Frame 10" Oar Mounts
  • Optional Gear:
    • (1) NRS Raft Stern Frame Anchor System
    • (1) Pair of NRS Mini Aluminum Oarlocks
    • (1) Canyon Camping Dry Box
    • (2) Carlisle 2-Piece Economy Oar (7.5' Length)
      • Recommended Upgrade to Cataract 2-Piece KBO Oars for Class III+ Whitewater
    • (2) Oar Rights
    • (2) NRS Small Molded Oar Sleeve

2016 Prototype Model 12'6" Custom NRS Fishing Frame

Raft Specification

Air Chambers:
4 Exterior Tubes / 2 Thwarts / 1 Dropstitch Floor
Carrying Handles:
Center-to-Center Tube Width:
Extra PVC on Top Tubes:
4" x Full Wrap Except Rear Tangent
Interior Width:
Nylon Carrying Bag:
Not Included
Passenger Capacity:
Removable Thwarts:
Rubber Strake Protection:
Included Standard
Self Bailing Floor:
Outfitter Model (over 10 PSI!)
Top Tangent Length:
Tube Diameter:
Leafield D7 Inflation Valves with A6 PRV Valves
3-Year Now Included
Weight (Raft):
95 lbs

2021 12'6" Frame Package Builder (2021_Saturn_Rafts_Frame_Packages.xlsx, 79 Kb) [Download]

Hello Saturn Rafts,

I've purchased several Saturn Triton rafts, both the 12’6” and 13’6 models. I primarily use these rafts for guiding and absolutely love them. They are spacious, sturdy, and incredibly durable. The price point and craftmanship is second to none. Great job Saturn! I highly recommend these rafts!
This is an awesome and nimble raft. I had this raft out over 20 times in the last year and floated about 160 miles of river in Oregon. Half the time it was used as a whitewater raft for my family of four. The other half of the time I used it with a three seat fishing frame that Saturn helped me select and buy. It has been through lots of whitewater and can navigate waters too shallow and bony for a drift boat.

The best thing is that I can fit EVERYTHING in and on my subaru outback! No trailer necessary. The assembled NRS frame folds and fits perfectly on the top of the car's roof rack. The raft rolls up in and NRS large boat bag in the back of the SUV along with all the other necessary gear (oars, paddles, net, anchor, throw bag, trolling motor, battery etc..).
This raft is amazing! We have a 6’6” truck bed and this fits perfectly in the back without having to attach a truck bed extender. With an NRS fishing frame, we have hit big water and water as small as the little North Fork of the CDA. Tough, easy to set up! Highly recommend!!
Hey Cody,

Here's some video that I got, tried to do a single take but got interrupted at the end. Floated in Boise yesterday and we got into a nice brown that we got an awesome shot with the boat. Looking forward to hearing back from you.


I've spent a lot of time in boats fly fishing in Idaho and Utah. Over the last few years it's mostly been in hard side drift boats but started getting out more in rafts. This raft is a direct competitor to the Fl$cr@ft and exceeds it in every aspect. The new Triton series is extremely stable and rows like a dream. The wider stance let's you switch rowers easy (I'm 6'4 250lb) and we didn't feel unstable at any time. The dropstitch self bailing floor is a win over the Fl$cr@ft as well. I was hesitant looking at these a year ago because of the "stitch and glued" seams. When I heard they went to heat welded seams I preordered that day. The nice thing about going through Saturn is that you can package in an NRS frame as well, which has endless customization and is extremely strong. Don't waste your money on a Fl$cr@ft, order one ASAP you won't regret it.
I bought this in the spring of 2018. I put a NRS frame in it immediately. I have made several runs on rivers in western N.C. and East Tennessee. This raft is the bomb. I have zero complaints. I put it next to a Flycraft and there was no question which was a better deal. I had a better raft for about $2k less. More stable and comfortable and versatile. I have pushed the limits a couple of times and can’t get it to flip. While loaded it is a bit heavy but two guys can get it to the water. Everyone that has been on this has been super impressed. Easy to fish from while standing. I do recommend a lean bar for the front as that has kept us from falling several times. Looking forward to many more trips in this.
Loving the Rafts! Check out my latest video of a two trip through the salt River Canyon wilderness. We floated 15 miles of river, it was an epic adventure with plenty of wildlife. My only complaint was the cheap seats I bought at Walmart haha. Im going to have to get the nrs seats before my next trip.
This is my newest video highlighting the solo quest raft and my new nrs frame. The boat handles really well and I am super happy with the setup so far. I tied some rod holders to the frame with paracord, it holds five rods and only cost me about 20 dollars. Feel free to use the video if you want. More fishing video to come in a few weeks. I have pictures of this day as well, let me know if you want a few.
After receiving the raft and all the parts from NRS, I finally had time to test fit and put everything together.

I have included several pictures for you to look at (blue raft on trailer in pictures). Once I had the frame on the raft, I was able to make several adjustments in terms of space and legroom. The rear anchor system looks great and I am using a 15 lb anchor.

With the total weight of the raft and the NRS system, turns out my wife and I decided to get a utility trailer for transport to and from the water. The trailer does make things much easier.

I'll be taking it up to the Sierra's in July to test it out.
Here is a link to our fishing trip on the verde river in az. I did not get a frame on the raft yet but It was an amazing boat. Idk if this video could be used for advertisement but I just thought i would share it with you. I'm very pleased with both of my boats. I'll send you pictures of this trip later this week, I have to go through my camera first. I have a few other trips on other arizona rivers planned in the next year, so more more videos and pictures to come in the future.
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