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12' Saturn Sport SUP

12' Saturn Sport SUP

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Saturn 12' Sport Inflatable Paddle Boards SUP365SB.

Saturn offers our new high-performance light 12' sport inflatable paddle boards SUP365SB for those looking for a high quality 12' Saturn Inflatable Sport SUPinflatable SUP at an affordable price. The narrower width and reduced material thickness from our Saturn Superior SUP Boards make for our entry level SUP at a price that makes getting into the sport affordable for anyone. Anyone can now enjoy paddle boarding and kayaking at fraction of the price of our competitors. 

Why pay thousands of dollars when you can have the best in the world of inflatable SUPs at half the price?! While most competitors using inexpensive Chinese dropstitch fabric, Saturn paddle boards are only produces with new and innovative South Korean high-performance dropstitch materials offering lighter weights and higher rigidity. For 2017 you can now choose from the original 11' long SUP365SB or the new 12' long SUP365SB Sport inflatable paddle board designed for even greater bouyancy and stability. Any of our Saturn inflatable paddle boards can also be used as a sit-on-top kayak by attaching a highback kayak seat at the many connection locations on the board (using preinstalled D-rings).

SATURN Inflatable Sport SUP Specs:

  • Great high-performance entry level sport inflatable paddle boards for lakes, rivers, or the ocean.
  • Set of D-rings for optional kayak seat or gear attachment.
  • 12' boards can be used as a sit-on-top kayak for 1 or 2 kids or light adults.
  • All Saturn SUPs constructed of heavy-duty Korean PVC drop-stitch fabric.
  • Recommended pressure for standing on SUP is 15 psi for optimum performance.
  • See a short video of the 12' Saturn Sport Inflatable Paddle Board here.
  • This Saturn paddle board can also be uses as a sit-on-top kayak! Just order up one of our kayak seats and enjoy a completely different experience.
  • Great for balance and upper body workout.
  • Saturn inflatable SUP boards are great for family fun and fitness and are perfect to store in the trunk or on the plane.
  • 1 large (removable) fin preinstalled on the underside of the board for best performance.
  • A SUP paddle is not included, but can be ordered separately.
  • Included Accessories: carry bag, pump, and repair kit.
  • Best performance range for SUP paddle boarding is up to 230 lbs for an individual but the capacity rating is over 280 lbs.
  • Paddle boards are constructed of 6" heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch fabric and is one of the most rigid inflatable boards on the market at over 10 psi!
  • Recommended accessories: SUP paddle.
30 lbs
280 lbs
230 lbs
28 lbs

How do I deflate the paddle board?

Open the valve cover, press on the pushpin inside the valve with your finger tip and turn it in either direction, until it locks itself in the lower position. Turn the board fins up. Start rolling the board from the rear with the fins inside the roll. You can use a rubber bungee cord to wrap around the board to keep it from unrolling.

Why is air escaping from the valve as soon as the valve adaptor is disconnected?

Make sure that the pushpin inside the valve is locked in the upper position before you start pumping up air inside the board. When the valve pushpin is in the upper position, it means that the valve is locked, and no air will escape when the valve adaptor is disengaged.

How do I know when the paddle board is fully inflated?

SATURN paddle boards can take up to 10 psi air pressure. It is suggested that you use our high-pressure electric pump that automatically shuts off once full pressure is achieved. If you use a hand pump and the air pressure gauge is not available, youll need to pump until you feel board surface become as hard as a rock. Knock on the paddle board surface with the palm of your hand to feel if board is hard enough. If the board is fully inflated, it will not bend under your weight when you are stand up paddling. If you are using the HDSUP330W board as a sit-on-top kayak, high pressure is not as important as when standing on it. Just inflate the board until it is moderately hard and does not feel soft when you press it with fingers.

How do I carry my inflated paddle board to the beach?

Get over the shoulder straps from any old bag. Attach them to the D-rings on one side of the board. Hold the other side of the board under your underarm, and grab the strap attached to the D-rings with the palm of that same hand. Adjust the shoulder strap length if necessary for convenient operation. Or you can just carry the strap over your shoulder.

My paddleboard seems to be a little bit tipsy, why?

First of all make sure that paddleboard is fully inflated to be as hard as a plastic board. Inflatable paddleboard can take up to 10 psi air pressure. While it can be achieved with regular hand pump, electric high pressure pump is highly recommended for quick and complete inflation. Also, try using sandals or other footwear while stand up paddling instead of barefoot. That seems to help a lot.

How do I use the SATURN SUP board as a surf kayak?

Once you see a relatively high tidal wave rolling down toward you, quickly start paddling alongside the wave's direction. Once wave is behind you, the board will start sliding along the waves slope. Use a paddle as a rudder to steer yourself in a straight line. Be aware of your surroundings because its very possible that you will overturn. Make sure there are no sharp rocks close to you. If you do fall in water, swim to the paddle board first and then use the board to swim back to the paddles.

My best friend Mike and I got into paddleboarding pretty hardcore in college. We spent most weekends going to either the beach or local lakes to board. But after graduation, Mike and I each took jobs in cities that were a couple hours away. We vowed to meet up for paddleboarding a ton, but at first, it didn’t happen. Honestly, it’s kind of annoying to travel with a paddleboard. It also takes up a ton of space in my apartment.\r\n\r\nI was lazy about it, but I gotta give Mikey credit. He did some research and found out about inflatable paddleboards. I got the Saturn SUP330S, and he got the SUP365S (he’s bigger than me!), and now either of us can just toss our board in a bag, throw it in the trunk, and drive over for a weekend of boarding.
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