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12' Saturn Raft/Kayak

12' Saturn Raft/Kayak

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  1. 70% Thicker Bottom Black PVC Cover Uses 1.5mm PVC ($100 Value)
  2. 40% Thicker Outfitter Inflatable Dropstitch Floor Uses 1.3mm PVC ($150 Value)
  3. 5 Leafield C7 Inflation Valves ($100 Value)

The 12' Saturn Raft/Kayak RD365X features our upgraded commercial outfitter floor that we have been producing for our Saturn Whitewater Raft product line since 2016. This upgraded feature is only available on the RD365X model and provides increased protection against punctures along with the most rigid inflatable floor on the market at over 10 PSI!

12' Saturn Raft/Kayak Specs (Does not Show Brand New RD365X Upgrades)

The 12’ Saturn River Raft/Kayak RD365X is a fantastic fit for fishing on your local lake or river but also serves as one of the most stable whitewater rafting kayaks in the industry at nearly 4' wide. The high rocker curves, 15" tube diameters, and 4" thick high-pressure air deck floor (Outfitter version) provide an exhilarating yet extremely stable ride on Class II+ whitewater like no other river raft or kayak on the market! 

The 12’ Saturn River Raft/Kayak makes an excellent whitewater paddleboat for 2-3 people. Weighing less than 50 lbs it can be easily packed or carried into your remote lakes/rivers for a fun weekend with the family. This raft/kayak is a must have for RV’s or weekend campers and provides a completely different option for fun.

The raft/kayak comes standard as a non self-bailing boat but can be easily be converted into a self-bailer by cutting 6-8 round holes the size of a dime in the kayaks bottom along the perimeter. There is sufficient room in the non-air chamber perimeter floor to make that task simply and quick.

12' Saturn Raft/Kayaks Supporting a successful Alaska Moose Hunt! No better test for durability and performance.

Additional Product Components

  • Heavy duty 1,100 Dtex High Strength PVC fabric coated on both side with 1100 g/m2, 0.9mm (1.3mm PVC used in the dropstitch floor and 1.5mm PVC used on the bottom of the raft).
  • Fabric is extra thick, puncture and abrasion resistant.
  • 4" thick high-pressure air deck floor.
  • 6 towing/securing D-rings (front, back and sides).
  • Upgraded Leafield C7 Air Inflation Valves (highest quality in the world)
  • Accessories: 2 paddles, 1 repair kit and 1 carry bag.
  • Upgraded hand pump now included.

Don't forget the most critical component to any whitewater rafting trip which is a quality lifejacket. Order our discounted NRS Vista PFD - Type III lifejackets ( or NRS Vista Youth PFD - Type III lifejackets ( and you'll have one of the safest lifejackets on the market today, often provided by commercial guides and outfitters.


This is a unique product that can cover all sorts of uses and many of our customers are looking for a very narrow raft option that can handle tightly constrained rivers as seen in the picture about on a successful moose hunt in Alaska. The 12' Saturn Raft/Kayak RD365X was upgraded in 2016 to provide the additional safety features and thicker material to handle these more challenging river situations. Many of our customers have begun using it with a rowing frame and we have provided several custom NRS rowing frames to suite their needs. The most popular frame we have customized is a modified two seat fishing frame and is shown in the picture below. A video of this frame setup was also submitted to us by our customer Ian Sasso and can be seen here

Components of this custom NRS rowing frame include:

  • (2) 68" Side Rails with LoPro's12' Saturn Raft/Kayak RD365X with Custom NRS Fishing Frame
  • (3) 34" Cross Bars with LoPro's
  • (2) clamp on Seat Mounts
  • (1) Highback Seat with swivel mount
  • (2) Lowback Seat (no swivel)
  • (1) Pair of 8" Oar Stands
  • (2) 7' 2-Piece Carlisle Economy Oars - Black
  • (2) NRS Small Molded Oar Sleeves
  • (1) Pair of Plastic Oar Stoppers
  • (1) Pair NRS Mini Oarlocks
  • Optional Upgrade Includes Cataract Mini-Magnum Oars

12' Saturn Raft/Kayak with Custom NRS Fishing Frame

Kayak Specification

Air Chambers:
3 + 2
Interior Width:
Kayak Weight:
49 lbs
Overall Length:
Overall Width:
3' 10"
Persons Capacity:
3 adults
Tube Diameter:
Weight Capacity:
770 lbs
Just got this new boat, Had to downsize to something I can carry myself. Punched 9/16 self bailing holes myself. Took the boat to the test on Upper-way upper East Fork Carson River South of Markleeville Ca. Class IV 2300 cfs. Bow/Stern rocker was awesome, punches through big holes no problem, maneuvers very well in tight areas. Jack the tubes and floor pressure up so you don't "taco" the boat. I run boat solo, gives me room for over night gear. Downside: Took on more water than could drain, maybe go with 13/16 self bailing holes (nickel size), verses dime size. Stock paddles are too short, you will need another 18 inches or more for whitewater. Looking now for a small oar frame set up. Great boat, just needs a few adjustments.
Nice raft been down 20 plus RIVERS in the sw,
Seat attachment could be stronger ,webbing,
Ripped one on salt river but it took a pounding
Definitely go self bailing flooded on most rapids
Good 3plus 4 .
Lot's of swimmers in ducks but,not me.
Five Stars - Great raft for the price
The raft floated and fished very well ! Great performance in a small package. The 7' x 4 1/2 " oar/blade combination seemed ideal to me. I tried them with both fixed and standard oar locks and both had their advantages. As I think you can probably see the frame was a great fit but I made several adjustments of seat placement to fine tune the overall performance. Glad I packed my ratchet which allowed for quick and easy adjustments. I snapped my anchor line to the stern D ring and it anchored both easily and effectively. I was amazed at the firmness of the floor even on the limited whitewater/shoals we ran. It even allowed us to stand and cast when advantageous. The raft could spin on a dime regardless of current speed or direction. The pump you provided actually proved more than adequate to accomplish the initial inflation and topping off at the launch. I made an intial 80% inflation with frame mounted for the 6 hour drive and it rode perfectly in the bed of my truck the whole way with 4 side straps to the truck's u bolts and one longer bow strap to the hitch mount.

The only recommendation I would make would be regarding the seat style. Though the seats provided are definitely of the highest quality they are probably more appropriate for pure rafting and whitewater. For fishing purposes, I would recommend a more conventional fold down molded fishing seat with the oarsman's seat also pivoting rather than fixed in order to better facilitate the netting of fish at boatside. A fold down seat would also tend to ride better in the truck bed on long drives. Some might prefer a foot brace on heavier water but I think I prefer the lighter and simpler version I have for the river/fishing conditions we encountered.

Overall, the raft outfit you helped me put together exceeded my expectations in both quality and performance! All this and at a very affordable cost too. I look forward to many more trips in the years to come (Wyoming in July) and appreciate the great assistance you provided me along the way.

Paul Cave
Backwaters Guide Service
Jon, Paul, and myself took the boat out in central Georgia last week, what a fantastic boat! It is light, fast, and handles like a dream!
I took some photos that I'll send via email - I only have a few with the boat (very impressive by the way and perfect for where we fish for shoal bass and trout) since I was fishing out of it. Since our friend, Ian Sasso, was fishing out of a kayak, he took most of the pics and videos that include the boat. I've seen the video and I think you'll like it. I also posted some photos on Facebook and put a hashtag for you.
We took the boat out for the first time this past week in Moab on Colorado and had a blast. I don't have any good action shots but I emailed a few while we were resting and as you will see my dog Snickers was totally wiped out after a day on thy river. I'll send more soon.
I love spending my weekends out in the water and this boat is great for me. It is stable and has good performance in the water. It is suitable for fishing and for rafting with a friend. The boat is easy to inflate and deflate and I store it in my car. It is made of thick fabric and it is visible that sharp rocks could not puncture it.That is why I feel safe when I go rafting and I totally enjoy the experience.
I had e-mailed you a short time ago asking about where I should put drain holes in my River raft RD365. Well my job is complete and we tested it out this past week while on vacation in the Berkshire's in Ma. state. We (my children age 10 & 12 and I) shot the Zoar Gap on the Deerfield River. We had a blast and stayed an extra day to go back for more! Here's a couple of photos I hope you can use. Thanks for a great product at an average price for the working people! We even shot a Class II with my Labrador Retriever Astro!
I bought one of your rafts 5 years ago and it has been amazing! I get a ton of questions about it and always recommend it to people even if I don’t like them. I even went onto mountain buzz and gave you guys some props on a strand that was going on. Some people were hating them most likely because they were PO’d that they paid too much for their raft of the same quality.
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