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12' Saturn Catamaran

12' Saturn Catamaran

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Our new MC365 12' Saturn Inflatable Catamaran is the largest in our product series and is our most popular due to its' increased size, stability, passenger capacity, and overall value. You simply cannot find a commercial grade quality inflatable catamaran at even close to this price.

Maximize - Safety, portability, and fun!   

Minimize - Cost, trailer need, boat weight, draft, and maintenance!

The 12' Saturn Catamaran is a very stable boat with very little drag due to the raise floor design which makes it perfectly suited for a small electric motor. It works great with a small outboard motor and cruises at moderate speeds with just a 5 HP electric motor.The marine grade plywood transom is the only non-inflatable component of the boat which makes the ability to use as a dinghy or transfer boat absolutely perferct. The drop-stitch core floor is rated over 6 psi and is the most rigid inflatable floor we've seen on the inflatable catamaran market. The MC365 can act as a stable fishing boat, weekend pleasure cruiser, or as an excellent ship-to-shore tender.

Although the boat is very sleak and stable it is not intended to be a sport racing boat. It was designed for leasure boating activities and does not have sponsors or fiberglass wings as you would find in the similar style XCAT racing boats. Care should be taken when using a gas outboard motor to limit speeds especially in strong wind conditions as the boat could flip if raced or improperly operated. As with any other watercraft, always wear a life jacket and use an outboard lanyard kill switch when going fast.

For increased safety each exterior tube has 2 individual air chambers, a feature that is only common in the highest quality inflatable catamarans and boats. In addition, pressure releif valves are built into each tube to prevent over-inflation or excess pressure build up due to changing air temperature. The extra wide durable rub strake on the bottom of our tubes are extra thick and allow beaching on rocky terrain.

The large diameter tubes provide improved performance and stability and the lowered front bow allows swimmers to quickly get in and out of the water when swimming. The splash plate on the back of the transom minimizes outdoor motor splash and the fins on the bottom help with tracking and directional stability.

  • Extremely lightwight, portable, low draft sleak design.
  • Quick and easy multi-chamber inflation and deflation.
  • Attractive sporty look which will turn heads!
  • Extra wide rub strake along tubes bottom.
  • Easy planing with a small electric motor.
  • High-pressure drop-stitch inflatable airdeck floor (rated over 6 psi).
  • Two air chambers per tube for increased safety.
  • Air pressure safety relief valves on each tube.
  • Durable rub strake protectors along boat tubes.
  • 2 small fins for improved directional tracking over competitor products.
  • Marine grade plywood transom with 2 drain plug.
  • Included: Repair kit, free hand pump, 2-year warranty, oars, 2 aluminum benches and carrying bag.
  • Outboard motor and other non-listed accessories shown in photos are not included.


MC365 Front View

Boat Specification

Air Chambers:
4 + 1
Carrying Handles:
High-Pressure Air floor
Inside Width:
3' 4"
Max Capacity:
1400 lbs
Max Outboard Motor:
9.9 HP
Nylon Carrying Bag:
Included Standard
Overall Width:
Packing Size:
52" x 28" x 12"
2 Included (Aluminum)
Passenger Capacity:
Rubber Strake Protection:
Included Standard
Total Weight (Incl. Floor):
120 lbs
Tube Diameter:
Halkey Roberts Type
2-Year Included
Weight (Floor):
10 lbs

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