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SUP Board - Superior Series

SUP Board - Superior Series

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Why Our Saturn Inflatable Superior SUP's are the best?

11' and 12' Saturn Superior SUPs - Yoga on the Water1. Simply put, there is no greater value on on inflatable stand-up-paddle (SUP) board in the U.S.A! Our pricing is based on selling direct to the public or through wholesale outlets which keeps our pricing WAY below our competition. Our Saturn boats, rafts, and kayaks have been using the drop-stitch core technology in the construction of our inflatable floors for over 20 years. Most all inflatable SUP board manufacturers are using this technology but we are one of the very few with the experience and history capable to maximize product quality.

2. Our paddle boards offer the same or better quality and use the same high-quality materials and workmanship. For this model, we have even upgraded to Leafield C7 valves which are the highest quality valve on the inflatable boat market. Our SUPs have higher end features that often found in boards over twice the price. Why pay more? See the bottom of this page for a technical and cost comparison on other inflatable SUP boards.

3. Saturn offers a 2 year warranty on our inflatable SUPs, while most other brands only stand by their product for 1 year!

4. Saturn was first in the industry to offer paddleboards for sale made of 140mm (6") thick drop-stitch fabric, while most other SUps on the market are made of 100mm (4") thick. That is almost 30% more air volume and is a huge reason why our boards are more bouyant and track better than other boards! It also supports much heavier weight loads.

5. Saturn was the first in the industry to offer inflatable boards with side D-rings that allow attachment of kayak seats which convert the paddle board into a sit-on-top inflatable kayak!

6. FULL Money Back Guarantee! Try a Saturn on water for 14 days. If you don't like it, send it back for a refund.

The Superior Series Offers Two Products For the Price Of One - Inflatable SUP & Kayak!

Our inflatable SUPs have set of D-rings on both sides of the board for the attachment of surfboard leash, or optional kayak seats, to use this board as a sit-on-top kayak. Remove the seat - and you have a SUP paddle board; install kayak seats and you have a sit-on-top kayak for 1-2 persons that is fast and easy to paddle. It is a great fit for river conditions and allows SUPing through calmer stretches and kayaking through the rapids. It also makes it much easier to ride the ocean surf!

The Saturn inflatable SUP series is easy to ride and allows paddlers of all skill levels, including beginners, to enjoy a stable, comfortable ride while getting a moderate workout. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) can be done in the ocean, harbors, rivers and lakes.

Technical Features

Tech Specs

11' Saturn Superior SUP

12' Saturn Superior SUP

Overall Length



Overall Width



Overall Thickness




25 lbs

27 lbs

Max Weight Capacity

220 lbs

320 lbs

Suggested Capacity

190 lbs

220 lbs

Folded Size



Persons Capacity



Valve Type

Leafield C7 ($30 Value)

Leafield C7 ($30 Value)

Shipping Box Size



Shipping Weight

37 lbs

39 lbs

What is included

Carry bag, repair kit, Bravo hand pump. SUP paddle NOT included.

Carry bag, repair kit, Bravo hand pump. SUP paddle NOT included.

Recent Customer's Testimonials:

"Just got back from my Second weekend out with my Saturn Stand up paddle Board, have to write to thank you for such a fine product! We love it. It seems very well made and performs better than I'd hoped. I had So much fun! I will be sending many folks to your site. When i am out on it Everyone wants to know where i got it! My wife loves to lay out on it as I pull her behind my Kayak! Next I will be buying the pump so I can see how many PSI its at." Nathan F.

2 people paddling on 12' Saturn paddle board that can also be used as an inflatable kayak for 2 persons. Click to zoom in."Hi, I just wanted to write you to tell how much I love my new SOT365 standup paddle board. I work for a kayak retailer and we carry a few paddleboards, specifically the NRS Big Earl that retails for almost $1200. I purchased the SOT365 to compare it to our high end inflatable, and I must say that it blew my expectations away. I like the SOT365 far more than the NRS board that costs almost 3 times as much. It seems to be just as high quality in construction and paddles far better than the NRS.

A week after receiving the board, my girlfriend and I took the SOT365 and the NRS Big Earl on a paddleboard camping trip on Dale Hallow Lake in TN. We put all of our gear in dry bags, strapped them to the boards and paddled 2 miles to Goat Island where we setup camp. The SOT365 handled the extra 40 pounds of gear, and myself weighing 225 lbs with no issues what so ever and provided a dry and comfortable ride through the chop of the open lake. The next day we paddled 4 miles around the island and spent the day exploring. We received a lot of attention from other boaters who were curious about the fact that we were going on a camping trips using the SUP's. It was a wonderful weekend of fun and I look forward to many years of service from your wonderful product. I have attached some pictures of our adventure."
Scott L. Louisville, Ky.

Testimonial Pictures of other Saturn SUP Boards (Not the new upgraded Superior Series)

"Hello...i just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my purchase of the Saturn inflatable SUP and with my new electric pump. I can't believe how well it works and how fast it gets me into the water. I love the multi use that the SUP offers with the kayak seat and paddle conversion. My summer has been so much fun because of your products. I love that I can take the SUP anywhere because of it's portability. I live just outside of Philadelphia, and have had it everywhere from here to the Berkshires in Mass. I am recommending this SUP and your website to everyone I know and hopefully someone will order one of these fantastic, super fun products. I am a yoga teacher and have been practicing yoga on the SUP...what fun!!! thanks again... Dori C. Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new inflatable paddle board! I've been impressed with the sturdy construction of the board -- it really seems top quality. I love being able to throw it in the trunk of my little car and just go paddle -- no hassle! Setup is really quick and painless. I am new to paddle boarding and have had an easy time using the board, so I can recommend it to beginners. Thanks for my board, and for your excellent customer service -- I'm looking forward to buying from you again in the future!" Kara

"I have two Saturn Paddle boards, I believe it was the SOT365 at the time. I bought it right when you first came out with the 12ft. I am a big guy, 6'4", 220 pounds, so I am right on the edge of its capacity, but I still love it and have taken it everywhere. I have taken your paddle board, in swift water, down the San Juan River in Southern Utah, and to almost every beach in the SF Bay area. I have taken it down some flat water rivers too: Gualala river, Lake Solano and others. I have taken it through the straights of the San Fransisco Bay and plan to paddle in to the cove next to a Giants game one of these Saturday games. So I have done a little of every thing with it. And while it does not perform like a hard-side, it is so versatile that it makes up for its lack of swift water prowess." Daniel B.

  • Saturn boards can be used as an inflatable kayaks.
  • Saturn SUPs are great for balance and upper body workout.
  • Explore lake shores, rivers, and bays.
  • Our multi-sport boards are great for family fun and fitness.
  • 1 large easily removable fin & 2 glued small fins for better tracking.
  • 11' Saturn Superior SUP can be used as a sit-on-top kayak for 1 adult and 1 child.
  • 12' Saturn Superior SUP can be used as a sit-on-top kayak for 1 or 2 adults.
  • Raised rocker tip prevents curling and helps improve performance.
  • All Saturn SUPs constructed of 140mm (6") heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch fabric.
  • Saturn paddle boards can be inflated between 10 and 15 psi of air pressure.
  • Bravo hand pump w/ pressure gauge, carrying bag and a repair kit are included!
  • Extra strips of PVC fabric overlap our seams, which allows inflation for up to 15psi.
  • 0.9mm PVC fabric used on both sides to prevent punctures, double-thick PVC on top/bottom.
  • Saturn Superior SUPs are made of double-layers of PVC fabric for better rigidity and ruggedness.
Brand Best Use For: Length Width Thickness Weight Load Pressure Price
Advanced Elements Hula 11 surf, rivers, touring 11' 30" 4" 23lbs 230lbs 12psi $700
Advanced Elements Stiffy touring 11' 30" 4" 32lbs 230lbs 15psi $1100
Airhead Na Pali touring 10' 6" 30" 4" 38lbs 225lbs 15psi $750
Airis 11' HardTop SUV lakes, ocean bays, touring, surf 11' 31" 6" 26.5lbs 250lbs 15psi $800
Airis 12'6" HardTop TOUR lakes, ocean bays, touring 12'6" 31" 6" 33lbs 275lbs 15psi $900
Airis 9' HardTop Stubby surf, rivers, lakes 9' 31" 6" 20lbs 225lbs 15psi $700
Aquaglide Cascade 10' cruising 10' 31" 4" 26lbs 190lbs 10psi $900
Boardworks Badfish MCIT 10' 6" rivers, surf, touring 10' 6" 35" 5.5" 230lbs 200lbs 14psi $1400
Boardworks Badfish MCIT 11' 6" touring, rivers, surf 11' 6" 35" 5.5" 230lbs 225lbs 14psi $1450
Boardworks Badfish MCIT 9' rivers, surf, cruising 9' 33" 5" 230lbs 150lbs 14psi $1350
Boardworks SHUBU 10'2" touring, rivers, surf 10' 2" 34" 4" 29lbs 225lbs 17psi $1130
Boardworks SHUBU 10'7" touring, rivers, surf 10' 7" 30.5" 4" 22lbs 250lbs 17psi $1000
Boardworks SHUBU 12'6" Bomb touring, racing, rivers 12' 6" 29.5" 4" 22lbs 275lbs 17psi $799
Boardworks SHUBU 8'2" surf, rivers, cruising 8' 2" 34" 4" 25lbs 150lbs 17psi $800
Boardworks SHUBU 9'2" rivers, surf, cruising 9' 2" 34" 4" 27lbs 190lbs 17psi $1050
C4 8'1" ISUP surf, rivers, lakes 8' 1" 30" 4" 17.5lbs 150lbs 17psi $1000
C4 iTrekker touring 12' 6" 31.5" 4" 26lbs 245lbs 17psi $1350
C4 Waterman CMAC ATB 10' 6" rivers, surf, touring 10' 6" 30" 4" 22lbs 275lbs 17psi $1200
C4 Waterman Sub Vector 10' rivers, surf, cruising 10' 30" 4" 20lbs 160lbs 17psi $1100
C4 XXL ISUP rivers, cruising, bigger riders 10' 9" 34" 4" 25lbs 250lbs 17psi $1200
Naish Mana Air 10' - 4" thick rivers, surf, cruising 10' 33" 4" 22lbs 170lbs 17psi $1300
Naish Mana Air 10' - 6" thick rivers, surf, cruising 10' 33" 6" 24.5lbs 240lbs 17psi $1600
Naish One touring, racing 12' 6" 30" 6" 24lbs 250lbs 17psi $1400
NRS Baron 4 touring, rivers 11' 4" 36" 4" 26.6lbs 215lbs 15psi $1200
NRS Baron 6 touring, rivers 11' 4" 36" 6" 27.4lbs 250lbs 15psi $1400
NRS Czar 6 for the bigger rider 9' 6" 34" 6" 22.2lbs 225lbs 15psi $1200
NRS Earl 4 rivers, surf, touring 10' 6" 30" 4" 21.4lbs 190lbs 15psi $1000
NRS Earl 6 rivers, surf, touring 10' 6" 30" 6" 22lbs 225lbs 15psi $1200
NRS Reel Fishing fishing, touring 11' 4" 36" 4" 35lbs 250lbs 15psi $1300
NRS Tyrant 4 surf 9' 34" 4" 21lbs 250lbs 15psi $1000
Rave Hibiscus touring 10' 30" 4" 27lbs 200lbs 12psi $900
Rave Palau cruising 10' 30" 4" 27lbs 200lbs 12psi $900
Saturn SUP330 touring, river, surf, cruising 11' 30" 6" 25lbs 220lbs 15psi $549
Saturn SUP365 touring, river, surf, cruising 12' 30" 6" 27lbs 320lbs 15psi $599
Sea Eagle Longboard 11 touring, surf, rivers 11' 30" 4" 22lbs 250lbs 15psi $1200
Sea Eagle NeedNose 114 touring, lakes, slow rivers, ocean 11' 3" 30" 4" 24lbs 250lbs 15psi $1200
Sea Eagle NeedNose 124 touring, lakes, ocean, slow rivers 12' 4" 30" 6" 26.5lbs 350lbs 15psi $1400
Soltice Bali cruising, rivers, surf 10' 8" 30.5" 4" 25lbs 250lbs 15psi $700
Starboard Astro Whopper rivers, surf, touring 10' 35" 4" 35lbs 200lbs 15psi $1100
Surftech 10' 6" touring, rivers, surf 10' 6" 30" 4" 31lbs 250lbs 10psi $900
Tower Adventurer 9'10" cruising, rivers, surf 9' 10" 32" 6" 24lbs 400lbs 11psi $1000

Saturn Inflatable Paddle Boards SUP FAQ Questions

How do I inflate my paddle board quickly?
Get an inexpensive electric pump for mattress inflation sold in local retail stores. We recommend the Coleman Rechargeable pump for about $29. Use it to inflate paddle board to about 80% quickly, and then finish pumping to high pressure with provided hand pump.

How to install removable fin on Saturn SUP?
Insert fin before inflating paddle board. Fold deflated board at slot entrance of fin base, slide fin as shown on below pictures, unfold and inflate. Keep sand away from rails before inserting fin.

How do I use the hand pump to bring inflatable paddle board to high pressure?
When using the hand pump to inflate paddle board do not use only your hands and arms when the pressure gets higher. Use your body weight to push the handle of the hand pump down. Bend at the knees and lock your arms straight while putting all of your weight over the handle.

How do I deflate the paddle board?
Open the valve cover, press slightly on the pushpin inside the valve with your finger tip to release some air pressure, then press completely and turn the pushpin in either direction, locking it in the open position. Start rolling the board from the rear. Don't forget to remove large fin. Use optional rubber bungee cord to wrap around the board to keep it from unrolling.

Why is air escaping from the valve as soon as the valve adaptor is disconnected?
Make sure that the pushpin inside the valve is locked in the upper position before you start pumping air into the board. When the valve pushpin is in the upper position, it means that the valve is locked, and no air will escape when the valve adaptor is disengaged.

How do I know when the paddle board is fully inflated?
Saturn paddle boards can take up to 10-15 psi of air pressure. We suggest that you use our high-pressure electric pump that automatically shuts off once pressure of 10psi is achieved. If you use a hand pump and the air pressure gauge is not available, you'll need to pump until you feel the board surface become as hard as a rock. If the board is fully inflated, it will not bend under your weight when you are stand up paddling. If you are using the Saturn board as a sit-on-top kayak, high pressure is not as important as when standing on it. Just inflate the board until it is moderately hard and does not feel soft when you press it with your fingers. Do NOT leave fully inflated paddle board under hot Sun for long periods of time, because hot air inside SUP can quickly expand and blow seams if pressure will go over 15psi.

How to use the provided Bravo hand pump with gauge?
Remove and discard gray 3-pc adaptor attached to black hose of hand pump. That is generic set of adaptors supplied by pump manufacturer, and that is not needed for paddle board inflation. Instead, insert provided black valve adaptor into the hose, and place 2 rubber seals on that adaptor. Please make sure you read instructions attached to the hand pump chamber. Apply oil or grease to rubber seals inside pump and aluminum handle. New Bravo RED pump included with newest SUP boards automatically switch from double action to single action.

My paddleboard seems to be a little bit tipsy, why?
First of all make sure that paddleboard is fully inflated. Our inflatable paddleboard can take up to 10-15 psi of air pressure. While it can be achieved with a regular hand pump, our electric high pressure pump is highly recommended for quick and complete inflation.