15' XL Outfitter Series KaBoat

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15' Heavy-Duty, Extra Large Outfitter Series Inflatable KaBoat SK470XL

Inflatable KaBoat Military Style. Special Ops Edition. Click to zoom in.The SK470XL Outfitter Series was developed specifically for those who are looking to haul a heaving load while maximizing every inch or storage space. This special edition KaBaot comes in 2 versions: Military Green or Special Ops Black. 

The SK470XL KaBoat is designed to support more gear and provide more space than other KaBoat models. The extra large, 16" diameter oversized tubes are nearly 25% larger than our standard 15' Saturn KaBoat and an extra wide interior make the SK470XL KaBoat perfect for remote hunting/fishing trips, law enforcement activities or just maximizing passenger capacity while reducing overall length (a must for our Alaska users).

This new SK470XL model has 4 separate air chambers for extra safety, compared to 2 chambers of our regular Saturn 15' KaBoats. Extra heavy-duty rub strake protectors are installed along both sides of the tubes for enhanced durability and rigidity. Also, the Outfitter4 Series SK470XL has upgraded Leafield C7 Valves and a thicker PVC floor for maximum durability ($100 Value).

SK470XL KaBoats come with 2 sets of oarlocks and 2 sets of rowing oars for fast tandem rowing. With a 12HP 2-stroke outboard motor, this KaBoat is scary fast! The SK470XL's added width and tube diameters improves handling and manages sharp turns with ease.

  • Extra heavy-duty 1.5mm 1100 Denier PVC on the bottom floor surface. Over 50% thicker over our standard KaBoat Floors.
  • Front spray skirt with water deflector guard and rope lacing.
  • Marine grade plywood transom with a one way drain plug.
  • Extra thick, high-pressure 140mm inflatable air deck floor.
  • Durable rub strake protectors along boat tubes.
  • 4 fins on bottom of tubes for improved tracking.
  • 4 (four!) separate air chambers for extra safety.
  • 2 sets of rowing oars with 2 sets of oar locks for tandem rowing.
  • 3 lightweight aluminum removable benches.
  • Included: hand pump, repair kit, 4 oars and carry bag.


KaBoat Specification

89 lbs
48" x 25" x 13"
99 lbs
1000 lbs
1100 Denier PVC
Leafield C7
10 HP 4-Stroke (15 HP 2-Stroke)
5-10 min.